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The Blast // www.SarahPerlmutter.com
Published December 2014

The Blast

After a series of blasts force Beatrice Hicks and her family into their prepper bunker, they emerge to discover they are among the survivors of a nuclear apocalypse. Fighting against rogue groups and coping with deaths are just some of the adjustments Beatrice must make to survive, but how will she maintain her humanity after the blast?

Awethology Light // www.SarahPerlmutter.com

Awethology Light

Sarah is a member of a group of indie authors from across the globe, aptly named #Awethors. In 2015, they began putting together anthologies of their writing. Sarah’s short story “Nina” from the Deathless Trilogy universe is featured in Awethology Light. 

Monkey Rodeo

Photo credit Mash Stories
Photo credit Mash Stories

In 2014, Sarah’s flash fiction piece “Monkey Rodeo” was shortlisted in Mash Stories’ third writing competition.

Book Review: All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Connecting Passion for Content to Pedagogy

By day, Sarah teaches secondary English. Her essay on connecting passion for content to pedagogy was featured in the PCTELA Winter 2015 Newsletter.