Sarah Perlmutter is a two-time award-winning young adult fiction writer, Wattpad Star, and English teacher in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She graduated with her BA in Creative Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, where she continued her education, earning her MAT in Secondary English Education. Sarah has written commissioned work for Hulu and General Electric and her many novels on Wattpad have been featured on the site where she currently has over 15,600 followers and over 1 million combined reads. When she is not reading and writing, Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband and pets, cooking food that is far too spicy, making arts and crafts, and teaching her amazing students.

Photo credit Shane Jordan

Sarah Perlmutter:
20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. My favorite color is purple.
  2. I speak Spanish.
  3. I studied abroad in Costa Rica.
  4. I have three dogs and a cat.
  5. I am a huge Hunger Games fan.
  6. I sing in the car. Loudly.
  7. My favorite poet is Walt Whitman.
  8. I write best when I’m sitting in front of an open window.
  9. I bite my nails (and, yes, I’m trying to stop).
  10. I dabble in dog training, specializing in reactive/fearful dogs, and have a certificate in dog behavior and psychology.
  11. Tacos are life.
  12. My husband and I met through our high school musical. I played Cinderella in Cinderella and he played Prince Charming.
  13. I love coffee. (If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already knew that about me.)
  14. I am the oldest sibling of five, and my siblings are the kookiest bunch of talented geniuses I’ve ever met.
  15. I’ve never broken a bone (*knock on wood*), but I dislocated my knee when I was seventeen.
  16. I love my hometown of Pittsburgh.
  17. I love Wattpad. (Okay, you probably already knew that about me too.)
  18. My favorite animals are dogs.
  19. I love wearing dresses and skirts.
  20. Any and all questions you may have for me can be directed to sarahperlmutterbooks@gmail.com. (Ha, that was a sneaky one there.)